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What is Southside Dojo?

Southside Dojo is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization governed by a Board of Directors, with a goal of providing a quality martial arts facility with knowledgeable and qualified instructors. The dojo is operated as a club, with 501(c)3 nonprofit status, and the instructors donate their teaching time for the love of their arts.

What sort of facilities do we have?

After 12 years of leasing space, we purchased our very own building in 2007.  The new location has a 3,000 sq ft. training area based on the Denver Judo floating floor system. Two-thirds of the floor is dedicated mats and the other 1/3 is hardwood floor. This design allows for the mats to be laid down on the hardwood to make a seamless 3,000 sq ft tatami mat training area.

What does it cost to train at Southside Dojo?

We ask for no contracts and boast the lowest dues of any martial arts school or club in the area.  Membership at Southside Dojo costs $40.00 per month. This entitles the member to practice any or all of the various martial arts classes offered.  Monthly dues are expected at the beginning week of each month.  Multiple months may be payed in advance but this is not a requirement.

Are there family discounts?

Yes, we typically discount family members at $10 / month / family member (ie $30, $20, $10, free)

Which art is best for me?

The best art for you is one that you will enjoy. We offer plenty and believe you will find one that fits you best. Do you like grappling(wrestling)? Try Aikido or Jujitsu. Does using your fists and feet interest you? Try Karate. Are you interested in a mind & body connection? Try Aikido or Jujitsu. Want to learn how to use weapons? Try Kobudo, Kendo, Jujitsu, or Armizare. Are you looking for a great workout? Try Kendo or Arnis.  Interested in history or European martial arts?  Try L'Arte d'Armizare. Try multiple classes and find what works best for you. It’s your choice.

What do I wear?

This will vary depending on the art(s) that you choose. To start, wear some loose fitting clothing (sweats work well). Avoid clothing that has buttons or anything hard metal or plastic attached. The instructor will be happy to assist you for future classes.

Do you have classes for kids?

Absolutely. We offer Karate classes for juniors. Saturday mornings are the most common time, but there are also classes spread throughout the week. Usually kids can start around age 5 or 6. Teens may begin attending adult classes and exceptions will be given at the instructors discretion.

Do I need to be in great shape to start a martial art?

No, but you have to have the desire to learn. Some arts are more strenuous than others, but generally coming to classes will do more to get you in shape for training than waiting until you are in shape...and you get to start learning the art faster that way!

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