Southside Dojo has opened the majority of our classes, with training outside and/or in masks, generally with weapons and/or solo training, and in small groups with appropriate distancing.

Classes offered include Shobudo Jujitsu, L'Arte D'Armizare, Karate, Kobudo, Kendo, and Arnis

Our Updated Schedule is available here.

  All other classes are not meeting at this time. 

Please contact the dojo email or Board President Keith Nelson (269-329-9879) directly with questions.

When we are fully open, it will be announced here and on Facebook (

The Southside Dojo Board of Directors met in March and, in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and in accord with community and governmental initiatives to temporarily increase "social distancing," regretfully decided the following:

All Southside Dojo classes and activities were cancelled until the 15th of June or further notice. This included testing and seminars. The dojo was fully closed.

Updated information will be posted on here on the website, on Facebook (, and at the door of the dojo.

Any questions should be directed to and will be answered by a member of the board or redirected to individual instructors.  Phone enquiries may be directed to Board President Keith Nelson, at (269) 329-9879.

A more detailed letter is available here