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Southside Dojo Membership Form


We offer a variety of classes at Southside Dojo. Concurrent training in several styles is encouraged, and Southside Dojo memberships cover all the martial arts classes offered. Feel free to stop by and try out any of the classes.  Click on the link to see a schedule of classes.

We offer classes for all ages: from children as young as 5 or 6 through adults.  Children’s classes are designed for ages 6 to 14.  Students can start adult classes at ages as young as 13, although that is at the instructor's discretion.  Click on the links below to see more complete descriptions of the classes we offer


Kendo is the Japanese sport of fencing.  Training encompasses both competitive aspects and traditional kata to understand the use of the sword.  

This is an authentic, original, and pure karate form from Okinawa, Japan called Kou Bu Ryu which has also been called Pwang Gai Noon Ryu. We have adult and children's classes, with training consisting of kata, striking, blocking, and kicking, as well as self-defense applications.

Aikido is a Japanese art of self-defense based on "blending" with an attack rather than clashing with it. Aikido uses many controlling techniques such as wrist-locks, throws, take-downs, and pins. One controls an attack quickly and efficiently while causing as little damage as possible. 

Training in Shobudo Jujitsu includes striking, throws, joint-locks, chokes, weapons training, meditation, and self-defense applications. It is primarily an unarmed art, focusing techniques to control an opponent by attacking their weak points and affecting their structural alignment.  

Kobudo utilizes items common to the Okinawan farmer or fisherman as weapons of self-defense based on the movments of Kouburyu Karate. Primary weapons studied include Bo, Sai, Nunchaku, Tinaka and Iaku.

We are focused on studying the martial art detailed in the writings of Fiore dei Liberi, an Italian armsmaster at the end of the 14th century.  This art encompasses the study of unarmed combat, dagger, sword, spear, poleaxe, and armored and mounted combat. 

Arnis is one of the Filipino Martial Arts, encompassing stick, knife, and empty-handed striking and grappling elements.   

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