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Koburyu Karatedo & Koburyu Kobudo


Phone – 269-679-5407

Email –


Head Instructor

Shihan Wayne Kroll


  • Renshi Rokudan (6th degree), Koburyu Karatedo

  • Renshi Rokudan, Koburyu Kobudo

  • Dan(black belt) rank in Pang Gai Noon ryu, Ko Nan ryu, Uechi-ryu karatedo


I have over 30 years of experience in karate, studying with Shihan Frank Crow of Rochester, MN, Kaicho Tim Snyder of Lincoln, NE, and Kaicho Kinjo Takashi of Naha, Okinawa. I instruct the adult and children's karate classes at Southside, as well as the kobudo (weapons) class.


Shobudo Bujitsu Jujitsu

Phone – 269-329-9879

Email –


Head Instructor

Sensei Keith Nelson

  • Rokudan (6th degree), Shobudo Bujitsu Jujitsu

  • Instructor certification, Shobudo Bujitsu Jujitsu

  • Sandan(3rd degree), USJA Jujutsu

  • Shodan(1st degree), Toyama-ryu Battodo

  • Scolaire Saor, Cumann Bhata (Irish Stick Fighting)


I started Shobudo Bujitsu Jujitsu 30 years ago, in Lansing, Michigan, under Sensei Nathan Banks, and have taught classes in Colorado, Oregon and Michigan since 1998.  I have promoted several individuals to shodan and nidan ranks in that time, as well as helped organize and instruct the Shobudo Instructor’s Course.  I emphasize learning the basics of Shobudo in the same manner in which I learned them, by application of multiple techniques within a core principle or concept, thereby requiring exposure to a wide variety of related techniques, each of which reveal another facet of the core principle.


In addition to Shobudo, I have learned, taught at various times, and continue to train in various martial arts, including the Japanese sword styles of Toyama-ryu and Nakamura-ryu battodo through Katsumi Niikura sensei, medieval Italian fighting in the style of Fiore dei Liberi as interpreted and taught by Bob Charron, and Irish stickfighting through Ken Pfrenger’s  Cumann Bhata.   My other significant martial arts experience and training includes judo, tae kwon do, aikido, boxing, Danzan ryu jujitsu, Hungarian axe, and Maasai stick, spear, and sword use.


Assistant Instructors

Andy Gorham, sandan

Ricky Wells, nidan

John Beavers, nidan




Phone - (269) 261-5253

E-Mail -


Head Instructor

Yutaro Matsuura, 7th Dan 


Started Kendo in 1983. 

2011 All United States Bronze Medalist 

4 Time Bronze Medal winning Coach at All United States.

Has led Koyokai Kendo to 13 major regional titles since 2007. 


Assistant Instructors at Southside

Joshua Elmblad, 1st Dan

The Southside Dojo Kendo group is part of Koyokai Kendo Club, which can be found separately on Facebook at Koyokai Kendo Club or at


Phone – 269-385-0111

Email – (Bob Treat)


Head Instructor

Sensei Bob Treat

  • Godan, Judo (5th degree black belt)


I started Judo 40 years ago in 1976 at Michigan State University under Jongoon Kim.   I did a year in Wisconsin with Jon Sanfillipo and came home in 1984 and trained with Charles Parker.   In 1985, I was promoted to Shodan and my last promotion was to Godan in 2006.  Under USJA standards I can promote no higher due to lack of more national and international exposure.   Over my 35 year involvement in Judo, I have coached a Jr. Competitive team that won over 100 Individual State Championships and 15 National Individual Titles.  This group included Sr. National Champion Chris Snyder and 7x National Champion, World Team member and 2x Olympian Martin Boonzaayer.   As a competitor I have won or placed in numerous tournaments and have also medaled at the state and national level.  


I am one of the five founding members of Southside Dojo, which was started in 1995, and have served on the Board of Directors as President and Treasurer since gaining 501(c)3 status in 2004.  I have served as tournament director 11 times for regional shiai that SSD has hosted.   At various times, I have held certifications for instructing, coaching and for being a national rank examiner.  Currently I oversee all areas of Southside Dojo operation which includes all dealings with the City of Portage, State of Michigan, State Attorney General, the IRS, scheduling of classes, camps and clinics, contact person for vendors, indoor and outdoor maintenance and all financial matters for the dojo. 



Mike Snyder, Nidan (2nd degree)

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